Activities in 2016

The Day Care Centre continues it’s regular activities in 2016 and is working on fulfilling the needs and wishes of clients by valuable social services.

Overview of social events:
We realize several programmes through the year. We try to create such programme for each user which is the best for his/her individuality, needs, and wishes. We don’t forget to care about the psychomotor development. We make opportunity for the development of our clients personality, their needs, interests, creativity, and a positive approach of values.

We fill our clients lives with various social and integrative activities.
-Creative workshops: we continue the cooperation with ROS Komárno
-Carnival: traditional fancy-dress ball, several board games and delicious foods
-Every year we organise swimming courses for our clients with a professional instructor at the local swimming pool
-Mother’s Day: cultural programme, which is prepared by the clients for their mothers and grandmothers.
-As our clients are adults so we don’t celebrate the Day of Children on June 1st but we have set up ‘Day of Entertainment’ instead- sport games, competitions, grill party.
-The Day of Crooked Mirrors connected with a trip, cultural programme and sightseeing in Nitra.
-The Day of Crooked Mirrors- concert in the honour of the DKZ Komárno.
-Summer time programmes (July, August)- walking, visiting a confectionery, restaurant, grill party in the nature and other outdoor sport activities.
-Autumn- ‘Day of Health’ in cooperation of the Regional Cultural Centre in Komárno.
-The big Christmas programme for families and friends of our Organisation.