Characteristics and Intention of our Organization

The Day Care Centre has started it’s work on July 1st in 1998. Social services are provided in our organisation according to the law 448/2008 Z.z. about social services. The social services are provided to mentally challenged and multiply disabled individuals. The capacity of our Centre is 20 places.

We provide opportunities for our clients to engage in appropriate leisure, social and work-related activities. They come to our centre in the morning and go home at the afternoon, so they can spend time with a community and their family as well.
The Day Care Centre offers complex services for individuals with a disability or illness, which contains the basic needs of a person, basic self-help skills, domestic living skills, building user’s self-esteem and improving their social functioning and community integration. All activities lead to reach the highest degree of independence that is possible at each person.
Our mission is the constant expansion of the quality of life of these individuals in a community.
The law of the social services prescribes specific services and terms according to which our institution is functioning.

Our social services:
-Partial or supplemental care
-Social rehabilitation

We offer:
-Occupational therapy (users are offered training in various trades such as tailoring, sewing, painting, handcrafting, clay art etc.)
-Leisure activities (dancing, language learning, basic computers, board games etc.)

-To give the opportunity for individuals with social disadvantages to be an equal member of the society.
-To ensure individual approach, by providing daily programme of activities individually tailored to the needs of each user.
-To support the independence, the integration into the community, the use of all the public services which can be reached.
-To have a positive influence on the public opinion about the mentally challenged people.


The vision of our Day Care Centre is to develop social services and a perspective of an innovative Residential Care Centre offering social services. To create a trustful and respectful environment in the centre, with professional workers and responsibility. To provide social services tailored to individual needs of clients. To help people living with specific needs to live as independent as possible.